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29 Oct


Mercedes S550 in for a few Ceramic Pro layers. The interior of the car is set up very well, extremely comfortable and the sounds system is top notch for OEM. This car did have a few spots that need to be addressed prior to the Ceramic Pro process. Other than that it got the Spider Prep treatment and off to the Coating side it goes.

Cant go wrong with a shinny black Merc. The customer was very happy and cant wait to NOT wash it that much anymore 😉

29 Oct
29 Oct

corvette cruisin ….

This Corvette was already tastefully modded by the owner to customize it to his spec a little “Dragon Spec” The vehicle is driven like it should be, but as a result it had a few paints flaws needing attention. After these issues were addressed the Ceramic Pro process could begin.

After receiving 4 layer coating this vette will be shining bright as it flies by you!

1 Aug

2005 hyundai santa fe in for a new door glass after some really nice person gave them some natural a/c in the back seats….. :(

This little Hyundai came to us in need of a new rear driver’s side window. Once we got the temporary window off the car and cleaned the glue residue we pulled the door panel to inspect for further damage. Lucky for this owner there was no more damage done to the vehicle, window motor and regulator were all okay and still in working condition. Window seals and tracks just needed to be cleaned of all the glass debris, along with the doors interior. Once cleaned out and prepped for the new glass the whole process goes in reverse and the puzzle is out back together. Once it has been determined that everything is in working order our attention turns to the interior of the vehicle. As in most cases the interior of your vehicle will likely be full of glass pieces, they like to hide everywhere but we have a few tricks to clean that up. One last check and the car is ready to go back to the customer.

No matter the vehicle or reason your glass need help, call us and we can help you. Door window replacements, window regulators and motors, glass tracks and seals, window switches and door cables molding trim etc. we can replace all of it for you.

Thanks for looking.

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28 Jul

this aston martin is no sleeper, but it does have 12 cylinder and a real manual transmission…

We took advantage of this Aston Martin and now it better than ever. When it came in it was already wrapped in white but the customer wanted it to look even better and protect his investment for the future. After the initial consult the customer decided to leave the car and get it Ceramic Pro coated.

As with all vehicles that get coated here at Spider Auto Glass this V12 Vantage S got the foam bath treatment and the 2 bucket method prior to car prep for Ceramic Pro application.

This car looks soo good out front on the shop in the sun we had to put it it back inside to avoid causing and accident with all the onlookers …..

This Aston Martin V12 Vantage S is fully coated and should be looking this sharp for years to come.

Thanks for looking, to see more examples of our work or just to look at some more cool vehicles scan through the blog and check them out.

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25 Jul

fixing other peoples errors is just another day for us at spider auto glass…. so much rust :(

Unfortunately this customer had a previous window replacement that did not end up turning out too well, actually it was really bad and unsafe, not to mention the rust damage from improper prep and install. He was right to be concerned as you will see from the pictures below….

As you can see from the above picture this poor Sprinter was not well taken care of last time and the rust has really set in. We removed the surface rust, primed the metal and prepped the van for a new windshield. We were also shocked to see that once we got the windshield out there were a few areas where the glass was not bonded to the vehicle, very dangerous…..

Now that the customer has had some of the rust issues addressed and the windshield installed properly he can safely go on his trip, happy motoring.

Spider Auto Glass.
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16 Jul

mercedes electric drive in for its first bath

This kilowatt eating machine is fresh off the lot and needed a REAL wash to get all the products used on it at the dealer off and to get it to Spider Clean status….

As with all Mercedes the fit and finish is great and and the car looks very well put together. The range and charge time vary depending on driving style and voltage output. Were are sure we will be seeing more and more of these on the road soon as EV’s are gaining in popularity.

Thanks for looking, to see more of our work take a look at the rest of the blog.

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13 Jul

old civics never die, in for a little rock chip tlc and back on the road for another 100K :)

Here you can see and good before and after picture comparison and a few pics of the repair process, not all of them of course we have to keep a few of our secrets safe 😉 !!

Rock chip repairs usually take less then 20 minutes, and are very affordable in comparison to a complete windshield replacement. Don’t wait until it spreads and can no longer be repaired…..Call or stop by NOW and get it fixed by Spider before it Spiders on you 😉

These results are pretty typical for a rock chip repair, but results due vary depending on style, size and location.

Things to consider before repairs

  • Repair is Guaranteed
  • No rock chip repairs on rainy days
  • Can the chip be covered by a quarter (size reference)
  • Has someone tried to fix it before, if so probably not repairable.
  • Your insurance may cover the repairs (call them and ask about your policy options)
  • It will not vanish 100%, will almost be impossible to see and greatly improved from prior to repair.

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10 Jul
10 Jul