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Month: May 2015

22 May

Can you fix my rock chip ?

As you can see form the top picture the glass is way beyond the point of repair and will have be to be completely replaced ASAP. On the other hand the lower picture shows the perfect candidate for a chip repair.

If yours looks more like to top picture don’t worry give us a call and we can get you a quote ready. If you were lucky enough to fall into picture #2 category then swing by and have us fix it for you now.

No, replacement is only option.

Yes, rock chip repair possible.

Also here is quick before and after picture so can see what kind of results are possible.

  • Please feel free to stop by during business hours for more info, pricing or to get a repair started.
  • Please note that results may vary depending on size location and type of chip / crack etc.

*If your rock chip has been previously fixed or attempted to be fixed it may no longer be repairable.

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22 May
22 May

Quick rock chip fix on this Tesla P85

Poor little Tesla, not only does it not get to drink gasoline 😉 but now its view is obstructed buy little Mr.Rock Chip …. never fear Spider Auto Glass is here and ready to Rock Chip repair at any time.

Here are a few quick shots of the process.

Ready to Rock !

Don’t let your Rock chip get worse so it’s not repairable, call us now for an appointment or just stop by during business hours and we can usually get it repaired on the spot. Typical wait time from drop off to completion is less the 30 minutes. Its is also much cheaper than a complete windshield replacement 🙂

  • Depending on location and size not all chips or cracks are repairable, please call or stop by for more information.
  • If your rock chip has been previously fixed or attempted to be fixed it may no longer be repairable.

Spider Auto Glass

20 May

Audi A7 TDi Quattro S line….. can you use you car as a mirror ?

As many of you may know, black vehicles are notorious for showing every imperfection your vehicle has. Knowing that this customer opted for maximum protection on his new Audi A7 TDi. Fresh of the showroom floor and straight to Spiders it went. After the initial inspection of the vehicle, the wash paint correction and prep we started the coating process. For maximum protection the customer opted for 4 layers or Ceramic Pro. Even thought this vehicle was brand new it was nit in perfect shape, but now the customer can proudly say he drives a black car knowing it will always look this clean.

This Black beauty is ready to roll coal in style ….

Please contact us during business hours for a quote on Ceramic Pro , or stop by and let us look at the vehicle for you

Not all vehicle are good candidates for ceramic pro depending on paint condition, and or damage.

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19 May

2011 S550 rear glass replacement ….

Unfortunately this customer was the unlucky recipient of a broken rear window. Lucky for him we here at Spider Auto Glass have a good reputation of doing high end vehicle glass repairs, this one was no issue for us.

This particular glass is very expensive and needs to be removed and installed very carefully, there is no room for error or shortcuts.  As the saying goes “you get what you pay for”, high end vehicle need high end repair and that’s why we’re here.

Here you can see some of the removal process, and the finished product.

Another one DONE !!

Please look at the rest of the blog to see more examples of our work. If you want to make an appointment of just get a quote please call during business hours and someone will help you promptly.

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14 May

Quick wash before new bumpers go on…

This customer is getting new bumpers installed and wanted to wash the car before hand so it was ready to roll as soon as they’re on the car. As usual we used our 2 bucket method along with a variety of products to get the car to his standards…Another happy customer !

This 3 series is looking good considering its been a daily on the notorious south bay commute since day one. We’re sure the bumpers will be a great addition to the cars already tasteful modifications. You can’t tell from the pics but the car sounds pretty good too 😉

Thanks for looking, please check out the rest of the site for examples of what services we can offer you.

Please contact us during business hours, via email or stop by in person and have one of our staff help you out.

13 May

Subaru + Spider Auto Glass + Ceramic Pro …..100% Safe

Subaru did a great job on this vehicle but it needed to be perfect for the customer. He contacted us to see if we could protect his beautiful blue Subaru for years to come. We recommended 4 layers of Ceramic Pro to ensure a long lasting shine and ultimate protection from the outside world. The car was pretty much just out of the dealership parking lot when we got it so there were not to many flaws on the car when we received it. After a wash,the spider way ;)…. the car was prepped for the Ceramic Pro Coatings. The customer also chose to protect the complete interior of the car,dash, door panels, seats and carpet, for this we used a variety of Ceramic Pro Coating products. As you can see from the pictures below the car came out great, we are very happy with the results 🙂

If you want your car to stand out in the crowds then give us a call and let us make your vehicle safe for for years to come.

To see more examples of vehicles that have been Ceramic Pro Coated at Spider Auto Glass please look through our blog as there are many examples of what we can do for you.

Please contact us during business hours,via email, or if you prefer come by and have one of us help you in person.

Spider Auto Glass

11 May

Spider vs Dirt …….Spider 1 – Dirt 0

Here at Spider Auto Glass not only do we do Auto Glass,we make cars clean and like to keep them that way. Here you can see part of the wash process on cars that have been Ceramic Pro coated. No more scrubbing brushes, no more swirls and no more water spots…woohoo 🙂

If you like your new car looking good as new or better than day 1 then contact us and see what we can do for you. Don’t let your new vehicles paint go to waste, protect it and keep it clean.

Please contact Spider Auto Glass during business hours for more information regarding the Ceramic Pro Service and our exclusive wash packages

*Please note that depending on initial car paint quality results may vary. If your vehicles paint is not in good condition other services may be needed before that vehicle can be Ceramic Pro Coated and washed in this manor.*

7 May

We love rock chips here, but we’re sure you dont !

Did you get a “free” gift on the way to work today, don’t worry so did lots of other people.Don’t let that little guy ruin your day, call us and we can fix that today, don’t wait and let it get bigger.

This Mercedes E63 AMG owner had the right idea and called right away before it was too late and not repairable. No point in having a nice car with imperfections. Now he can see clearly again and safely let those turbos breath.

Save $$$ , Call now and make your appointment before its too late an no longer repairable

* Please not not all rock chips are repairable depending on size and location, feel free to call or stop by during business hours and have us check it out for you at no charge*

*If your rock chip has been previously fixed or attempted to be fixed it may no longer be repairable.*