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Month: August 2015

1 Aug

2005 hyundai santa fe in for a new door glass after some really nice person gave them some natural a/c in the back seats….. :(

This little Hyundai came to us in need of a new rear driver’s side window. Once we got the temporary window off the car and cleaned the glue residue we pulled the door panel to inspect for further damage. Lucky for this owner there was no more damage done to the vehicle, window motor and regulator were all okay and still in working condition. Window seals and tracks just needed to be cleaned of all the glass debris, along with the doors interior. Once cleaned out and prepped for the new glass the whole process goes in reverse and the puzzle is out back together. Once it has been determined that everything is in working order our attention turns to the interior of the vehicle. As in most cases the interior of your vehicle will likely be full of glass pieces, they like to hide everywhere but we have a few tricks to clean that up. One last check and the car is ready to go back to the customer.

No matter the vehicle or reason your glass need help, call us and we can help you. Door window replacements, window regulators and motors, glass tracks and seals, window switches and door cables molding trim etc. we can replace all of it for you.

Thanks for looking.

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