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Month: October 2015

29 Oct


Mercedes S550 in for a few Ceramic Pro layers. The interior of the car is set up very well, extremely comfortable and the sounds system is top notch for OEM. This car did have a few spots that need to be addressed prior to the Ceramic Pro process. Other than that it got the Spider Prep treatment and off to the Coating side it goes.

Cant go wrong with a shinny black Merc. The customer was very happy and cant wait to NOT wash it that much anymore 😉

29 Oct
29 Oct

corvette cruisin ….

This Corvette was already tastefully modded by the owner to customize it to his spec a little “Dragon Spec” The vehicle is driven like it should be, but as a result it had a few paints flaws needing attention. After these issues were addressed the Ceramic Pro process could begin.

After receiving 4 layer coating this vette will be shining bright as it flies by you!